What is the ERC-404 token standard: revolution or failure?

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The brand new ERC-404 token normal presents guarantees and uncertainties for merchants and digital artwork lovers. However is it a dependable answer?

The experimental ERC-404 normal goals to unravel the liquidity drawback of NFT collections. It merges the traits of ERC-20 fungible tokens with ERC-721 non-fungible tokens.

ERC-20 serves as a protocol normal governing token issuance on the Ethereum community, facilitating the change of tokens based mostly on predefined guidelines. Conversely, ERC-721 operates as a normal for non-fungible tokens, enabling builders to tokenize possession of varied information on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing Solidity language.

Sometimes, ERC-20 and ERC-721 requirements cater to fungible property like currencies and distinctive collectibles, together with digital artwork. Nevertheless, this categorical division complicates the sharing and swift change of specialised digital property.

Understanding the ERC-404 normal: what we all know thus far

Builders introduce the ERC-404 normal as a recent protocol geared toward merging the fascinating traits of ERC-20 fungible tokens and ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its major aim is to deal with the liquidity challenges NFT collections face and improve their utility throughout the defi ecosystem.

How does ERC-404 work? ERC-404 represents a contract template designed to facilitate transactions involving each ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens. This contract doesn’t alter the parameters of present requirements however moderately facilitates transactions throughout completely different asset sorts. It’s necessary to acknowledge that ERC-404’s recognition by the Ethereum Basis or the broader neighborhood continues to be pending.

ERC-404 initiatives


In early February 2024, Pandora debuted because the inaugural ERC-404 coin. It operates with two property: an ERC-20 fungible token (PANDORA) and a non-fungible ERC-721 token generally known as the Replicants assortment.

The Pandora undertaking issued a complete of 10,000 ERC-404 tokens, every linked to a singular NFT throughout the Replicants assortment. These NFTs, depicted as coloured bins known as Replicants, are available 5 completely different colours, every representing a definite stage of rarity. As an illustration, odd bins are inexperienced, whereas uncommon ones are pink. Upon buying a PANDORA ERC-404 token, patrons obtain a random NFT field related to the token.

In essence, at any time when a person acquires a PANDORA token, the mint contract robotically generates a corresponding NFT Replicant, which is then transferred to their pockets. Subsequently, when a token is bought or transferred to a different pockets, the related NFT is burned.

Nevertheless, the method doesn’t apply in reverse. When transferring or promoting an NFT, the PANDORA token stays unaffected; as an alternative, the fungible token is transferred to the brand new proprietor’s pockets alongside a Replicants occasion.

With every PANDORA buy, the mint contract generates an NFT with random parameters various in rarity. Consequently, patrons of the fungible token can’t anticipate the rarity of the NFT beforehand. This method ensures equal alternatives for all customers and introduces a component of unpredictability and hypothesis into buying and selling.


DEFROGS is a meme coin impressed by the PEPE crypto undertaking. The DeFrogs assortment consists of 10,000 NFTs, every depicting a frog with distinctive options and equipment. Constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, every DeFrog ensures proof of token possession and distinct individuality.

Launched in July 2022, the undertaking swiftly garnered appreciable consideration from the NFT neighborhood.

Why is ERC-404 gaining recognition?

ERC-404 has emerged as a focus of dialogue throughout the X crypto neighborhood. Nevertheless, the surge in curiosity in these new tokens is extra evident in metrics like buying and selling quantity, the market worth of PANDORA, and the value of Replicants.

Since its launch on Feb. 5, the PANDORA token has seen a outstanding 290% enhance in worth, reaching $16, as per CoinMarketCap. Notably, between Feb. 5 and Feb. 9, the token witnessed explosive progress, soaring from $4,018.12 to $32,854.52, with the present market capitalization standing at $166 million.

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Supply: CoinMarketCap

A number of components contribute to this fast success. Firstly, ERC-404 introduces a novel token normal with a singular transaction format. The worth differential between the NFT worth and the PANDORA token additionally creates profitable alternatives for traders.

The hype surrounding ERC-404 has led to a surge in gasoline charges on the second cryptocurrency’s blockchain, reaching an eight-month excessive. Common transactions required customers to pay $60, with prices peaking at 377 Gwei – the very best since Might 2023.

ERC-404 normal spurs competitor

Within the wake of the fast rise of ERC-404, the Cryptocurrency Improvement Group has unveiled another implementation of the experimental ERC-404 token normal.

Addressing issues relating to charges, builders devised a brand new answer. On February 12, programmers launched the Divisible NFT normal (DN-404). Like ERC-404, this normal can be a hybrid of ERC-20/721, permitting non-fungible tokens to be cut up into items and exchanged amongst customers.

Nevertheless, in contrast to ERC-404, the DN-404 normal employs two contracts: the “base” ERC-20 and the “mirror” ERC-721. Builders declare that this segregation minimizes potential points.

The decentralized change (DEX) Dealer Joe was the first platform to undertake the DN-404 normal, launching the token named SHOE. These tokens had been completely distributed amongst 22,140 wallets of energetic customers of the Joepegs market and holders of NFT initiatives affiliated with the Joe Studios accelerator.

What’s a way forward for ERC-404 tokens?

Critics have voiced issues concerning the practicality and effectiveness of the usual. Developer Give up highlighted potential vulnerabilities in lending swimming pools not configured on ERC-404, which might enable customers to use the system and withdraw high-value NFTs as an alternative of their exchangeable fractions.

Such criticism underscores the experimental nature of ERC-404 and the unexpected challenges it might face in real-world functions.

Regardless of these hurdles, the ERC-404 normal has piqued curiosity on account of its distinctive method to NFT fractionation. The flexibility to commerce token shares on decentralized exchanges has elevated the liquidity of NFTs.

This idea was novel for NFTs, treating them akin to common ERC-20 tokens. Nevertheless, the decline within the value of Pandora and different ERC-404 tokens raises doubts. This raises questions concerning the long-term success and acceptance of this normal throughout the crypto neighborhood.

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