Altcoin trader Rekt Fencer shares strategy behind massive gains with meme coins

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Altcoin dealer Rekt Fencer has shared insights into how he achieved outstanding positive aspects of as much as 1,000 instances by way of buying and selling in meme cash.

His technique entails the method referred to as ‘sniping,’ which targets new token launches and may be profitable even for traders with restricted capital.

Fencer’s method is predicated on rigorous pre-analysis and ongoing market monitoring for brand spanking new listings. He makes use of instruments like DEX Screener to investigate growing traits and possible causes that will have an effect on the pricing of freshly launched meme cash.

In line with him, the persistence of a story among the many prime gainers steadily signifies a stronger market place.

A major side of Fencer’s technique is the usage of sniper bots. These automated instruments are programmed to buy tokens as quickly as they’re launched, enhancing the dealer’s likelihood of shopping for a token earlier than its worth surges.

Fencer highlighted a number of bots, together with BONKbot for Solana transactions, BananaGun for Ethereum and Solana, and Unibot for EVM and, prospectively, Solana platforms.

Every bot requires particular customization, and mastering their use may be difficult however doubtlessly rewarding.

“The longer the narrative within the Prime Gainers, the stronger it turns into,” Fencer noticed, emphasizing the significance of trending narratives in reaching important returns with meme cash.

Fencer did, nonetheless, warn of the inherent dangers related to meme coin buying and selling. The volatility of those property, in addition to the high risk of fraud, want rigorous due diligence and wonderful danger administration.

Buyers are suggested to make use of platforms like Rug Verify and Coin Scan to confirm the safety of tokens. It’s essential to acknowledge that not all investments will end result within the anticipated excessive returns, emphasizing the speculative nature of this buying and selling technique.

On March 14, Crypto.information reported the arrest of an MEV engineer, Robert Robb, within the US, linked to an alleged $1.2 million rug pull from not less than 11 people.

Moreover, on March 19, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Workplace’s Digital Asset Crime Joint Investigation Group apprehended a South Korean altcoin issuer on fraud prices, accused of scamming traders out of $16.1 million.

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