Vitalik Buterin shares new proposal to build a fairer crypto economy

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Vitalik Buterin thinks ‘degen communism’ could make the crypto economic system fairer and promote a typical good amidst the market’s inherent chaos.

The time period ‘Degen communism’ merges the adventurous spirit of “degen” tradition, recognized for its high-risk, high-reward funding methods, with a structured method to make sure that the fallout from market volatility disproportionately harms none.

Advocating for this method, the Ethereum co-founder proposes a mechanism the place smaller customers are made complete first throughout any hack or venture collapse earlier than compensating bigger stakeholders. 

Buterin calls it a extra equitable system, which he supported through the Terra Luna crash in 2022. He additionally proposes that venture groups point out this mannequin of their phrases of service, explaining that funds might be prioritized from the underside up in insolvency. 

“Two years in the past, once I proposed this concept, many handled it with scorn, misrepresenting the thought as asking for presidency bailouts. Right here, although, I’m not proposing something to do with governments; relatively, I’m proposing that venture groups put into their phrases of service an expectation.

The one request to governments is that acceptable guidelines get handed in order that chapter courts acknowledge the legitimacy of such preparations.”

– Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum

Buterin additionally prolonged his imaginative and prescient to meme coins, suggesting that such initiatives donate a portion of their issuance to charitable causes, serving to whimsical cryptocurrencies foster a way of group and shared accountability.

Buterin additionally advocates for airdrops that favor particular person customers and public good contributors and encourages governance fashions that forestall the focus of energy.

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