NEAR Protocol’s Polosukhin predicts DAOs to evolve into AI-driven governance platforms

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NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin envisions a transformative shift in DAOs, anticipating AI-driven governance as the way forward for decision-making.

The subsequent evolution of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) can be centered on the combination of synthetic intelligence (AI) into the governing processes. No less than that’s how the way forward for the sector envisions NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin, who spoke at an AI-themed panel on April 18 as a part of Dubai’s Token2049.

NEAR Protocol's Polosukhin predicts DAOs to evolve into AI-driven governance platforms - 1
(Left-to-right) Tarun Chitra from Gauntlet, Sean Ren from Sahara AI, Illia Polosukhin from NEAR Protocol, and Ahmad Shadid from io.web | Supply: crypto.information

Through the tackle, Polosukhin expressed his perception that AI will more and more play a pivotal position in each on-chain and off-chain decision-making inside DAOs, doubtlessly revolutionizing governance processes.

“I count on increasingly more of the on-chain governments in addition to among the different off-chaining choices to be made by AI, the place the inhabitants, the token holder shareholders or the type inhabitants of, of the unit of governments are actually function a veto.”

Illia Polosukhin

The NEAR Protocol co-founder added that AI fashions may doubtlessly be liable for issues like gathering info and making choices based mostly on numerous standards, whereas the human members inside DAOs would act as checks and balances.

He additionally emphasised that AI-powered governance may assist DAOs maximize token worth, a process that may be difficult for human individuals alone as coordinating the variety of stakeholders is “extraordinarily advanced and it requires just about summarizing info, offering context.”

The combination of AI into DAO governance emerges as a pivotal matter within the crypto group, underscoring its potential to revolutionize decision-making processes within the quickly evolving business. As crypto.information reported earlier, information from Crunchbase reveals a substantial uptick in enterprise capital funding allotted to AI corporations, signaling heightened investor curiosity on this intersection. In February alone, AI corporations secured $4.7 billion in investments, marking a major improve from earlier months.

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